This is a high-power electronic voltage regulator, work power up to 2000w, generally can be used to adjust the voltage, adjust the light, adjust the motor speed, or adjust the temperature.

This device is an AC voltage regulator which can regulate voltage ranging from 50V AC – 220V AC, and has an input voltage range of 90V AC – 220V AC. The maximum power the module is capable of dissipating is 2000 watts. This voltage regulator can be used as a dimmer for controlling the light intensity bulbs, a speed controller regulator AC motor. We can also use this regulator for controlling DC devices but we will have to connect a rectifier between the output pins of the module and the device which we wish to control to convert the AC voltage into DC voltage for regulation. This device does not need any microprocessor or microcontroller based development kit, and can is a stand-alone device that will find numerous applications in our day-to-day lives.


High Power 2KW SCR Voltage Regulator


How to use the module?


  • Connect the IN~N and IN~L pins of the module to the 240V AC power supply.
  • Connect the bulb to the OUT~L and OUT~N of the module.
  • Connect the circuit according to the instructions given above or use the circuit diagram below for reference.
  • We can use the regulator to control the intensity of the light bulb. We can connect this module to any other device as well to control it accordingly.
 How to use the High Power 2KW SCR Voltage Regulator,


• Light dimmers
• Temperature control systems
• Motor speed
• Treadmills
• Home automation
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