Low Cost Power Supply for All Your 5V 1A Project Requirements, 5V 1A, Mobile phone chargers, Microcontroller power supply

The circuit is a 5V 1 ampere power supply, which is suitable for mobile phone charger’s, microcontroller power supply, audio video players, portable amplifiers, small DC motors, LED light circuits and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi modules.

This is 5V 1 Amp Power Supply used  for mobile phone charger’s, microcontroller power supply.

How does the circuit work?

The circuit consists of a transformer which steps down the AC voltage from either 220V or 240V (this is the input voltage, which is AC voltage) and steps it down to 5V (which is also AC), the four diodes in the circuit board act as a rectifier which converts the AC voltage to DC voltage which makes it suitable to use as a power supply in devices which require a 5V input supply.

How to use the circuit board?

The board has 4 pins, 2 input pins and 2 output pins, Connect the input pins to a 220/240V AC power supply, connect the output pins of the supply to the desired input pins of the device which needs to be supplied power. Connect the pins marked in green in the given image to the input supply having a 220/240V AC supply. Connect the pins marked in red and black in the given image below to the input of the device hat needs to be supplied with the power. 

This is 5V 1 Amp Power Supply used  for mobile phone charger’s, microcontroller power supply.


One output terminal can be taken from one end of the capacitor, and the other end of output terminal is connected to one leg of the diode. The port marked in red in the image is the output positive terminal and the port marked in black is the output negative terminal. These two ports serve as an output which will be connected to the input of the device which we need to power.
Please ensure that you do not touch the circuit when it is powered on, as it may lead to electric shocks, for this purpose you may want to keep the circuit in an insulated box. Also ensure that you connect the wires to the right pins on the board otherwise it may damage the circuit. 

Applications: -

• Mobile phone chargers
• Microcontroller power supply units
• Portable amplifiers
• Small DC motors
• LED light circuits
• Audio-video players
• Bluetooth circuit/Bluetooth Module
• Wi-Fi modules


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