High-Power 2000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Speed Temperature Controller AC 220V

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High Power 2000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimmer Speed Controller Thermostat is used to control AC supply and suitable for electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron. etc. You can adjust brightness, speed, pressure, temperature control effect. Connect this device with a lamp or home appliance in a series connection, then rotate the knob for dimming, speed, voltage, temperature control. 

Input Voltage 90-220V AC
Maximum Power 2000W
Adjustable voltage

50-220V AC

Material Plastic, metal

Size (mm)

48 x 55 x 27


Further Info

This device is an AC voltage regulator that can regulate voltages between 50 and 220 volts and has a 90 to 220 volts input voltage range. The module's maximum power dissipation capacity is 2000 watts. This voltage regulator may be used as a dimmer to regulate the brightness of light bulbs, as well as a speed controller for an AC motor. This regulator can also be used to control DC devices, but we'll need to connect a rectifier between the module's output pins and the item we want to control to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage for regulation. Read more

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