ZB45 5 Pin 9.5mm 20A 300V Barrier Terminal Block

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A terminal block is a screw-type electrical connector where the wires are clamped down to the metal part by a screw. 5 Pin 9.5mm Pitch Barrier Screw Terminal Block is a compact and versatile terminal block. It finds its use in connecting wires to the PCB. Due to the small size, the terminal block allows for the connection of two conductors on a PCB, where space is premium. It is a connector that allows more than one circuit to connect to another circuit. These terminal blocks are commonly used in various electrical applications such as industrial control panels, power distribution systems, and wiring in appliances or machinery. They provide a convenient and secure method for connecting and disconnecting wires without soldering.


  • 5 Pin Barrier Terminal Block Connector.
  • Rated voltage: 300V.
  • Rated current: 20A
  • Screw Terminal Block.
  • Generally used for data, power and signal connections.
  • A screw-type electrical connector 
Connector Style  Barrier Terminal Block Connector
Connector Type  Screw Terminal Block
No. of Pins 5
No. of Pitch  9.5mm
Connector Size  50x17mm

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