XL6009 DC- DC Adjustable Step UP Boost Power Converter Module

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This XL6009 Step-up boost converter is a DC-DC Adjustable, non-isolated boost converter that can convert from 3V-32V DC input voltage to an output voltage of 5V-38V DC. This module has high efficiency of up to 94%. This module works on the basic principle of switching mode power supply and uses a high-frequency switching IC XL6009. The module has a 4A efficient MOSFET switch due to which its efficiency can reach up to 94%. Because of its high switching frequency, small capacity filters can be used for better results and ripples are also smaller.  The Line and Load regulations are also small: ± 0.5%. 


This XL6009 has two input pins for VCC and GND on the left side of the module. It has two output pins on the right side of the module. To get the desired output voltage you have to rotate the trimpot screw. It changes the feedback resistance value and thus the output voltage with respect to the input voltage. As this module is a step-up converter, therefore, the output current is always smaller than the input current. If the output power is greater than 10W then add the heat sink with the module otherwise it may damage the module. 

Input Voltage (V)
3V-32V DC
Optimum Input Voltage Range
5V-32V DC
Output Voltage
5V-35V DC 
Switching Frequency 
400 KHz
Maximum Efficiency 
Maximum Input Current
No Load Current
18 mA 
Output Ripple
50 mV
Load Regulation 
± 0.5%
Line Regulation
± 0.5%
Dimension (LxWxH)
43x23x12 (mm)
Country of Origin China


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