XL6009 400KHz 60V 4A DC-DC Adjustable Step UP Boost Power Converter

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The XL6009 regulator is a 400KHz 60V 4A Switching Current Boost / Buck-Boost / Inverting DC/DC Converter with a wide input range that can generate positive or negative output voltage.
It can be set up as a boost, a flyback, a SEPIC, or an inverting converter.
The current mode design of the XL6009's built-in N channel power MOSFET and fixed frequency oscillator results in steady performance over a wide range of supply and output voltages.
The XL6009 regulator is designed specifically for use in portable electronic equipment.


  • Wide 5v to 32v input voltage range 
  • Maximum 4A switching current 
  • High efficiency upto 94%
  • Fixed 400KHz Switching Frequency
  • Built in Thermal Shutdown Function
Model XL6009
Mounting type D2PAK
Storage Temperature 65ºC  to 150ºC
Input Voltage 0.3 v to 36 v
Efficiency Up to 94%
Country of Origin China

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