XL4015 DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Module

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The XL4015 power module is a DC-to-DC step-down (BUCK Converter) power module with a 180kHz switching frequency. In comparison to low frequency switching regulators, it provides smaller filter components at such a high frequency. This DC-DC switching buck converter has excellent line and load regulation and can drive a 5A load. The XL4015, an adjustable output version switching regulator, is the main switching component. It is a high-efficiency switching regulator, with output efficiency that is much higher than that of common boost regulators. The regulator operates at a switching frequency of 180kHz at higher input voltages, allowing for a reduced overall board size and space savings. It is a high-power switching module with a toroidal ring inductor.


  • Input voltage: 4 - 38V
  • Output voltage: 1.25 - 36V (adjustable)
  • Output current: Maximum output current 5A
  • Output power: It is recommended to use within 75W
  • The efficiency of this regulator is up to 96%
  • Load regulation: 0.8%
  • Voltage regulation: 0.8%
  • Adjustable potentiometer onboard for output voltage adjustment.
  • Power LED indicator
  • Thermal Protection enabled.
  • Short circuit proportion: limited to 8A.
Input Voltage 4V-38V DC
Output Voltage 1.25V-36V DC
Max. Output Current 5A
Load Regulation 0.8%
Voltage Regulation 0.8%
Dimension 54x23x18mm
Country of Origin China

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