XH-M609 DC 12V-36V Charger Module Lithium Battery Protection Board

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XH-M609 DC 12V-36V Charger Module Voltage Over-Discharge Lithium Battery Protection Board digital battery over-discharge protection switch is specially designed for 12-36V lithium and lead-acid batteries. This is a low voltage protection module that comes with an on-board momentary push button to set the low voltage disconnect parameter, when the battery voltage reaches the setting values, the module will disconnect the load automatically to avoid the battery from over-discharging to prolong the battery lifetime.

Features :

  • Automatic control circuit connection
  • Automatic charging and power off
  • Real-time voltage monitor
  • 12V-36V Charger Module.
  • Automatic charging and power off Real-time voltage monitor.
  • Automatic control circuit connection.
  • Autosave setting Discharge protection.
  • Battery over-discharge protection.
Model XH-M609
Type Battery Charging Module
Input Voltage 12V-36V
Dimension 57x42x16mm

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