XH-M604 6-60V DC Battery Charger Control Module

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This XH-M604 6-60V DC Battery Charger Control Module product is suitable for 6-60V battery charging control, can be set free to start charging voltage and stop charging voltage! In the IN input charger 660V voltage, in the OUT terminal battery, for example, set 12V start 15V stop when the voltage is below 12V when the relay is closed to the charger charging voltage to the battery when the charge voltage is greater than 15V Relay off to stop charging, can be used in household chargers, solar, wind turbines.

Features :

  • 6-60V storage battery
  • Durable, Charging Protection, Easy to Install
  • Display Precision:0.1V
  • Control Precision:0.1V
  • Voltage Tolerance:+/-0.1V
Model XH-M604
Type Charging Controller Module
Input Voltage 6-60V
Dimension 81x53x21mm

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