XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module

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The XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module is an electronic device used to control and monitor temperature and humidity levels within a certain environment. It's often utilized in various applications where maintaining specific environmental conditions is crucial, such as in agriculture, incubators, storage facilities, or HVAC systems.


  • Temperature Control: It can regulate the temperature within a predefined range by controlling a connected heating or cooling system.
  • Humidity Control: It can also manage humidity levels by activating or deactivating a connected humidifier or dehumidifier.
  • Digital Display: Provides real-time readings of both temperature and humidity for monitoring purposes.
  • Adjustable Settings: Users can set specific temperature and humidity thresholds, allowing the module to activate or deactivate connected devices when these thresholds are reached.
  • Relay Output: The module often includes relay outputs that can be connected to external devices, such as heaters, fans, or humidifiers, to control the environment.
  • User Interface: It usually comes with buttons or controls to set parameters and configure settings.
Dimensions 7x6cm
Type Humidity controller Device
Model No. XH-M452
Input Voltage 12V DC

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