WML11N65C2 Super Junction Power MOSFET

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WML11N65C2 Super Junction Power MOSFET In the N layer of J-MOS, there is a P layer that is fashioned like a pillar. Alternating layers of P and N are aligned.  Applying VDS causes the depletion layer to spread in the N-layer, but in SJ-MOS it does so differently than in regular D-MOS. (See illustrations of electric field intensity. The strength of the electric field reflects the condition of the depletion layer.)  When it comes to D-MOS, the P/N layer contact has the strongest electric field intensity. Break-over phenomena (also known as breakdown phenomenon) occurs when the electric field intensity exceeds the limit of silicon, and this is the voltage limit. The electric field intensity in the N-layer is uniform for SJ-MOS, in contrast. As a result, an N- layer with lower resistance can be created for SJ-MOS, realizing. Its used in PC, Charger, LED TV, LCD TV Etc.


  • Its drain to source voltage is 700V

  • Its used for power switching

  • It has lead free and halogen free construction

  • Low leakage current

  • It has the capability to improved dv/dT

  • 100% avalanche energy rated
Model WML11N65C2 
Package TO-220F
VDS  700V
Max reverse operating Voltage 650V
Resistance 0.47Ohm
No of pins 3
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 150°C

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