Wattnine 3.7V 5200mAh Lithium Ion NMC Battery

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This is a high quality 18650 lithium NMC(Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) battery with BMS(Battery management system) protection board. The 3.7v 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery is made to provide high energy for the appliances (device or piece of component to perform a specific task). It has long life cycle that perform excellent work. It excellent safety battery. It has the self low charge capability. It has 2 pin JST XH female charging and discharging connector. We can easily use it in portable product. Bluetooth, FM radio, Flashlights, Toys are some devices in which we use this battery.


  • High energy density.
  • Smart battery management system.
  • Low self discharge rate.
  • Long cycle life.
  • Excellent safety.
  • Excellent performance.


  • Bluetooth.
  • Toys.
  • FM radio.
  • Flashlights.
Product Name 3.7V 5200mAh Lithium NMC Battery
Brand  Wattnine
Type Lithium NMC Battery
Capacity 5200mAh
Current 2.5A
Voltage 3V-4.2V
Maximum Current 5.2A
Weight 82gms
Dimension(LxWxH) 65mmx35mmx18mm
Charging and Discharging Connector 2 Pin JST XH Female Cable (2.54mm Pitch)

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