Wattnine 12V 7200mAh 7.2 A Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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It is a 12V 7200mAh  7.2A rechargeable lithium ion NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) battery. It is a type of rechargeable battery that uses a combination of Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt oxides as the cathode material, and Lithium ions as the electrolyte. The combination of these materials provides a high energy density, longer cycle life, and improved safety features compared to other Lithium-ion battery chemistries. It is  used in various applications that require a high-energy, long-lasting power source, such as electric vehicles, solar energy storage systems, power tools, medical equipment , small scale UPS battery , battery for GPS tracking , WIFI modem or router battery for backup , 12V remote CCTV camera , battery spray pump for garden and disinfection, PSP, emergency light, remote and RC cars, music player and audio system.


  • High energy density.
  • Longer cycle life.
  • Equipped with smart battery management system.
  • Excellent safety and performance.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Small scale UPS battery.
  • Battery for GPS tracking .
  • WIFI modem or router battery for backup.
  • 12V remote CCTV camera.
  • Battery spray pump for garden and disinfection.
  • PSP
  • Emergency light.
  • Remote and RC cars.
  • Music player and audio system.
Product name 12V 7200mAh Lithium ion NMC Battery
Brand Wattnine
Type Lithium ion NMC Battery
Operating voltage range 9.2V-12.8V
Charging voltage 12.6V
Charging current 3.6A
Nominal voltage 12V
Nominal current 7200mAh
Maximum current 7.2A
Charging duration 120mins
Dimensions(LxBxH) 150 x 63 x 94 mm
Weight 300g
Country of Origin China

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