Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor JSN-SR04T

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This Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial-grade sensor to measure distance. Interfacing with it is the same as other cheap ultrasonic sensors, but it offers better performance and can be used in harsher environments and is waterproof too. It can be easily interfaced with Arduino. The recently released new version of SR04T-V3.0 fixes the problem of blind data jumps and improves the product's stability. The JSN-SR0T4-V3.0 ultrasonic ranging module can provide non-contact distance sensing from 21cm to 600cm, with a ranging precision of up to 3mm. It comprises an ultrasonic sensor and control circuit coupled with a transmitter.  The great advantage of using this Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor is you can put the sensing element far away from all the control circuitry. 


  • Mode 2: M2 short connection is serial port controlled output
  • Mode 1: M1 short connection is the automatic serial output
  • Mode 0: Mode floating = trigger pulse width output (factory default mode)
  • Mode 3: Mode welding 200K = automatic distance pulse width output
  • Mode 4: Mode welding 360K = low power pulse width mode output
  • Mode 5: Mode welding 470K = switch mode output

Mode 1: Mode=open means no welding. The mode is explained as follows

Basic working principle:
  1. Adopt IO port TRIG to trigger ranging. Present a high-level signal of at least 10us.
  2. The module automatically sends eight 40khz square waves and automatically detects whether a signal returns;
  3. When a signal returns, a high level is an output through the IO port ECH0. The duration of the high level is the time from the transmission of the ultrasonic wave to the return. Test distance height = (high level time * speed of sound (348M/S))/2.
  4. After the module is triggered for ranging, if the echo cannot be received (the reason exceeds the measured range or the probe does not face the measured object), the ECHO port will automatically become low after 40MS, marking this time The measurement ends, regardless of success.

Mode 2: Mode=47K (or directly short M1 bit) UART automatic output

The UART automatic output mode outputs the measured distance value (hexadecimal number) according to the UART communication format. This mode does not require an external trigger signal. The module can automatically measure every 100ms. The TX pin outputs the measured distance value after each measurement is completed.

Mode 3: Mode=120K (or short M2 bit directly) UART controlled output

The UART controlled output method outputs the measured distance value (hexadecimal number) according to the UART communication format. In this method, the trigger command oX55 signal needs to be added to the RX pin. The module measures once every time the command is received. The foot outputs the measured distance value. The command trigger cycle should be greater than 60ms.

Mode 4: Mode=200K high level (PWM) pulse width automatic output

Under the pulse width PWM automatic output, the module automatically measures at a period of 200ms and outputs a pulse width high-level corresponding to the distance after the measurement. Calculating distance mode reference mode 1.

Mode 5: Mode=360K low power consumption (PWM) high-level pulse width controlled output

In low-power mode, the module's shut-down dog is disabled. This module is suitable for battery-powered users. The static power consumption is less than 70UA. The working distance measurement method is the same as mode 1.

Mode 6: Mode=470K switch output

The module will set a threshold value at the factory, the default is 1.5 meters. The module performs ranging every 200ms. When the detected distance value of the target is less than the set threshold, the Echo pin outputs a high level. The currently detected distance value is greater than the set threshold, and the Echo pin outputs a low power. In order to improve the stability, the factory defaults that the distance detected by the target for two consecutive times is less than the set threshold. Signal, no driving ability. Transistor drive relays should be added during the application.

Working Voltage 3.3V-5.5V DC
Working Current <8mA
Probe Frequency 40kHz
Range up to 600cm
Long-Range Accuracy ±1cm
Resolution 1mm
Mileage Angle 75
TTL Pulse Above 10µs
Country of Origin China

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