UTC 2N6027 Programmable Unijunction Transistor 40V 300mW

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The UTC 2N6027 is a programmable unijunction transistor, it uses UTC’s advanced technology to provide customers with low forward voltage, low gate to anode leakage current, low offset voltage and high peak output voltage, etc. The UTC 2N6027 is suitable for timing, thyristor-trigger, oscillator and pulse circuits, etc


  • Low Forward Voltage
  • Low Offset Voltage
  • Low Gate to Anode Leakage Current
  • High Peak Output Voltage
Model 2N6027
Brand Unisonic Technologies
Gate to Cathode Forward Voltage 40V
Gate to Cathode Reverse Voltage 5V
Gate to Anode Reverse Voltage 40V
Anode to Cathode Voltage 40V
Offset Voltage 1.6V
DC Anode Forward Current 150mA
DC Gate Current 50mA
Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Current 5A
Operating Temperature -50°~100°C
Power dissipation 300mW
Country of Origin China

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