USB Charger Doctor Inline Voltmeter and Ammeter

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The USB Charger Doctor is a tool for measuring the working voltage and current output of any USB port and project. This blue plastic dongle connects to a USB device and allows data lines to travel through. A 0.05-ohm resistor is connected to the power pin which is used to measure the current draw. The digital display of the module rapidly reads the numbers for testing items like chargers, cables, and mobile phones.

You may use this device with an input voltage of 3.5-7VDC (most USB devices seem to hang around 4.75 to 5.25) and a current of up to 3A. Every 3 seconds or so, it switches between voltage and current readouts. It's a great tool for testing USB devices, determining load levels, and troubleshooting battery chargers and boosting converters.


  • Compact and portable, no additional power supply required, simply plug and play
  • It can quickly measure the USB port's output voltage as well as the device's operational current or load voltage.
  • Detect any USB charger, including PC USB, home chargers, and auto chargers.
  • The variety of applications, any phone, any electronic gadget, and the ease of usage
Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.5 ~ 7V
Maximum Operating Current  3A
Colour Blue
Dimensions 52.6x33x15mm
Country of Origin China


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