USB 2.0 Extension Cable Male to Female 60cm

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This USB extension cable has a type A male connection on one end for connecting to your computer and a type A female connector on the other end for connecting to another USB cable. This USB extension cable is used to extend a USB cable when it can't reach its destination without causing signal loss or performance issues. This extension connection is perfect for connecting USB devices without having to plug them directly into your computer, and it takes up very little space in your workspace. MicroViews, RFduinos, and USB Breakouts are widely used with this wire. Each end of the USB extension cable has a male and female connector. This cable can be used to extend printers, audio units, USB pen drives, and other devices. With a 60cm length distance, a good grade cable will give reliable connections.


  • Connector A: USB 2.0 A Male Solder Type
  • Connector B: USB 2.0 A Female Solder Type
  • Plug and Play
  • Universal Compatibility: The cable is compatible with all computers, devices, and cables with USB 



Length of wire



USB Type-A (Male to Female)

Country of Origin China

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