UA7805C Positive Voltage Regulator

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This line of integrated circuit voltage regulators with fixed voltage is made for various uses. Among these uses is on-card regulation, which reduces noise and the distribution issues brought on by single-point regulation. These regulators each have an output current capacity of 1.5 A. These regulators are impervious to overload because of their inbuilt current-limiting and thermal-shutdown features. These devices can be utilised as adjustable output voltage, current, and fixed-voltage regulators. They can also serve as the power-pass component in precision regulators.


  • Its output current is up to 1.5A
  • It has an internal thermal overload Protection circuit
  • High power dissipation capacitance
  • It has output transition safe area compensation
  • Internal Short circuit current limiting
Model UA7805C 
Type  Regulator
Package TO-220
Voltage  25V
O/P Current 1.5A
O/P Voltage 5.25V
Peak output current 2.2A
Bias current 8.8mA

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