Transparent Mini Air Pump DC 4.5V~12V

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This is a DC air inflator or tiny air pump. This is a little air pump that may be used to give oxygen to aquariums and other DIY projects. Any controller, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC, or any other controller, can control it. The pump is simple to put together, has a simple interface, and is a low-power device.

Operating Voltage 4.5V to 12V DC
Operating Current Max. 430mA
Rated Power 1.5W ~ 2W
Air Leakage 3.0mmHg/min
Pressing Time 11.5s
Maximum Pressure 400mmHg
Dimension 65.4x26.8mm
Nozzle Outer Diameter 4.2mm
Country of Origin China

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