BC547 NPN General Purpose Transistor (BJT) 45V 100mA TO92 Package

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BC547 is usually used for current amplifier, quick switching and pulse-width modulation (PWM). Therefore, if you need to control the speed of a motor or actuator in some of your projects, you can simply use this transistor to achieve it. 
  • Its bipolar NPN transistor
  • Its current gain is 800 hFE
  • Its collector current is 100mA
  • Its emitter base voltage is 6V
Part Number BC547 
Type Bi-Polar NPN Transistor
DC Current Gain (hFE) 800
Continuous Collector current (IC) 100 mA
Emitter Base Voltage (Vbe) 6V
Collector-Emitter Voltage(Vce) 45V
Collector-Base Voltage(Vcb) 50V
Type Bi-Polar NPN Transistor
Package TO-92
Country of Origin China

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