TOSHIBA ULN2803AFWG 8-Ch Darlington Sink Driver (Pack of 5)

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ULN2803AFWG is a bipolar digital integrated circuit with 8-Ch Darlington Sink Driver. It is a high voltage, high current Darlington driver made up of eight NPN Darlington pairs. For switching inductive loads, all units include integral clamp diodes. Relay, hammer, lamp, and display (LED) drivers are examples of applications.


  • Output current (single output) 500mA Max 
  • High sustaining voltage output 50V Min
  • Output clamp diodes
  • Input capabilities with various types of logic


 Model ULN2803AFWG
 Mounting Technology SMT
 No of Pin 18
 Output sustaining voltage (VCE) -0.5~50V
 Output Current (IOUT) 500mA/CH
 Clamp diode reverse voltage (VR) 50V
 Clamp diode forward current (IF) 500mA
 Power Dissipation (PD) 1.47W
 Operating Temperature -40~85°C
 Storage Temperature  -55~150°C

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