TOSHIBA TLP700 IRED (6 Pin) Photocoupler IC SMD (Pack of 100)

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This is the TLP700 Photo IC Photocoupler manufactured by Toshiba. A photocoupler or optocoupler is an electronic component that is used to transmit analog or digital information (electrical signals) between two isolated, different circuits by using light while maintaining the electrical isolation of potentials up to 5000 times RMS Voltage. The TLP700 consists of an Infrared LED (InfraRed Emitting Diode) and an integrated photodetector, coupled on a single chip.


  • Compact, mini flat package, suitable for surface mount assembly
  • Ultra high speed response
  • Isolation voltage between input and output 


  • Used in Industrial inverters
  • Inverter for air conditioners
  • Gate driving circuits for IGBTs or Power MOSFETs 

For more information, refer to TLP700 Datasheet

Model TLP700
Isolation Voltage 5000 Vrms
Output Supply Voltage  30V
Input Reverse Voltage  5V
Input Forward Current  20 mA
Output Collector Power Dissipation  400 mW
Operating Temperature -40°C - 100°C
Storage Temperature  -55°C - 125°C
Package SMD
Quantity 100

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