Toshiba TLP521-Optocoupler & Photo -Transistor 30V DIP (Pack of 500)

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Phototransistors are a form of bipolar transistor that is sensitive to light - having the gain of a transistor they are much more sensitive than photodiodes and find uses in many light detection circuit designs. Optocouplers (also known as optoisolators, photocouplers, or optical isolators) are electronic components that use light to transfer electrical signals between two separate circuits. Galvanic isolation is a design technique that separates electrical circuits to eliminate stray currents. The TLP521is an optocoupler that consists of a photo-transistor is optically connected to a gallium arsenide infrared emitter diode. When the IR LED is turned on, the light from the LED is collected by the transistor's receiver and it conducts. This device is suitable for applications requiring galvanic isolation, such as Switch Mode Power Supplies, relay driver boards, etc.

Model TLP521
Brand Toshiba
 Input Diode Forward Voltage 1.15V
Reverse Voltage 5V
Emitter-Collector Breakdown Voltage 7V
Collector-Emitter Voltage 55V (min)

Current Transfer Ratio

Rank GB



Isolated Voltage

2500 Vrms

Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage


Collector Current

10mA (max)

Cut-off frequency

80 kHz

Rise Time


Fall Time


Max. Junction Temperature




Quantity                    500

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