TOSHIBA TLP250H Photocoupler Power Transistor Gate Driver IC

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The TLP250H is a photocoupler in a DIP8 package that consists of a GaAℓAs infrared light-emitting diode (LED) optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector IC chip. It provides guaranteed performance and specifications at temperatures up to 125 . The TLP250H has an internal Faraday shield that provides a guaranteed Common-mode transient immunity of ±40 kV/ µs. It has a totem-pole output that can both sink and source current. The TLP250H is ideal for IGBT and power MOSFET gate drive.


  • Buffer logic type (totem pole output)
  • Output peak current: ±2.5 A (max)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Supply current: 3 mA (max)
  • Supply voltage: 10 to 30 V
  • Threshold input current: 5 mA (max)
  • Propagation delay time: 500 ns (max)
  • Common-mode transient immunity: ±40 kV/µs (min)
  • Isolation voltage: 3750 Vrms (min)

TLP250H IC Datasheet

Model TLP250H
Package DIP-8
Forward Current 20mA
Input Power Dissipation 40mW
Output Power Dissipation 260mW
Operating Temperature -40°C to 125°C
Country of Origin China

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