TOSHIBA 2SC5859 NPN High Power Transistor

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TOSHIBA 2SC5859 is a high-power NPN transistor, The Transistor 2SC5859 is a high-power transistor with a collector current of 23A and collector to emitter voltage of 750V. It is used in Audio frequency amplifiers, AF /RF circuits, high current switching (up to 15A) loads, Push-Pull configuration circuits, and Low Slew rate devices, Can be used as medium Power switches and HD TV, Projection TV, and Digital TV.



  • High power audio circuit
  • Audio frequency amplification
  • High current switching
  • Medium power switch
  • Protection TV.
  • High Voltage 
  • Low Saturation Voltage
  • High Speed
    Model  2SC5859 
    Brand  TOSHIBA
    Collector-Base-Voltage (VCBO)  1700 (V) 
    Collector-Emitter-Voltage (VCEO) 750 (V)
    Emitter-Base-Collector (VEBO)       5 (V)
    Collector Current DC (IC)  23 (A)
    Collector Current Pulse (ICP)    46 (A) 
    Base Current (IB)      11.5 (A)
    Collector Power Dissipation (Pc)  210 (W)
    Junction Temperature (TJ)    150 (degree C)
    Storage Temperature Range (TSTG)    -55~150 (degree C)

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