TNY268PN Integrated Offline Switching IC

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The controller and the power switch are contained in a single package of the integrated offline switching IC known as the TNY268PN. The TYN268PN is mainly used as a low-side, high-voltage power MOSFET connected to the transformer. Only two additional pins are required: the EN/UV pin, which also serves as the feedback pin, and the bypass pin for the internal power supply, which must be linked with the proper capacitor. When the breakdown voltage of the output Zener diode is surpassed, an optocoupler in the feedback network is engaged. An RC network is connected to the drain of the IC to prevent voltage spikes from damaging the internal power switch. The IC's built-in 6.4V Zener diode limits the drain-source voltage to permissible ranges. The switch's internal current limit is 500mA. 


  • It has an offline switcher with full integration

  • Its current limit is 500mA

  • Its switching frequency is 132kHz 

  • It provides 23W output power

  • Built-in current and overheating protection
Model TNY268PN
Type Switching IC
Package DIP 8B
Frequency 132kHz
Maximum supply voltage  265V
Maximum output current 880mA
Total power dissipation 23W
No of pins  7
Country of Origin China

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