TNY264PN Power Integration AC/DC Converter

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TNY264PN is a power integration ac/dc converter IC which has 7 Pins Its fully integrated and auto restart IC which is basically used for the circuit protection its reverse operating  voltage is 700V.The completely integrated auto-restart circuit reduces the number of components and additional feedback circuitry by safely limiting output power under fault conditions like output short circuit or open loop cost. The slow discharge of input storage capacitors inherent in applications like standby supply results in power down glitches that can be avoided by externally programming a line under voltage threshold with an optional line detection resistor. The quasi-peak and average EMI are greatly reduced by jittering the operating frequency of 132 kHz, lowering filtering costs


  • Its drain Voltage is 700V

  • It has total 7 Pin

  • Its package is 8DIP

  • Its drain peak current is 400mA

  • Its bypass Voltage is -3.0-9V

  • Its normally limited by internal circuitry

  • Its drain supply current is 270microsecond
Model TNY264PN 
Type AC/DC converter
Package 8DIP
Bypass Pin Voltage 6.15V
Emitter base voltage 9V
No of Pins 7

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