TLP620-4 Optocoupler/Photocoupler IC

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TLP620-4 is a 16 pin optocoupler IC having four isolated channel as we know that the optocoupler contains photo diode and infrared diodes too so this photocoupler contains photo diode and infrared diode. Optocoupler is used to provide coupling between two isolated circuit it also works as a circuit protector too. Its maximum current transfer ratio is 50%, collector emitter voltage is 55V.

Its used for I/O switching, AC and DC power control, signal isolation and power supply regulation Etc.


  • Its isolation voltage is 5000V

  • Its junction temperature is 125 °C

  • Maximum power dissipation is 100 m W

  • Its collector current is 50mA

  • Lead soldering temperature is 260°C

Model TLP620-4
Type Optocoupler
Pulse forward current  1A
Emitter collector voltage  7V
Collector emitter voltage 55V
Collector current 50mA
Supply voltage 5 - 24 V
Operating and Storage Temperature Range 85°C
Country of Origin China

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