TLP521-4GB Phototransistor

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The TLP521, TLP521-2, and TLP521-4 series of optically coupled isolators are made up of twin in-line plastic packages that are both space-efficient and contain infrared light emitting diodes and NPN silicon phototransistors. Its a type of IC which has 16 Pins. Its a type of Phototransistor as we are already aware from the  phototransistor's working photo transistor is used to detect the light after detection of the light it converts the light in the digital signal. This diode is basically operated by the light signal instead of electrical signal. It has small size less costly highly reliable.

This IC contains four optocoupler in it Optocoupler  contains A photodiode and a BJT. like this It has 4 photodiode and 4 BJT. 


  • Its used in computer terminal 
  • Industrial Systems controller
  • Measuring instrument
  • Signal transmission

Pin details:

Pin-1,3,5,7  are for Anode

Pin-2,4,6,8 are for Cathode 

Pin-9,11,13,15 are for Emitter

Pin-10,12,14,16 are for Collector


  • Its used to control the power transmission.
  • High Current Transfer Ratio ( 50% min)
  • High Isolation Voltage(5.3kVRMS,7.5kVPK)

  • High BVCEO( 55Vmin )l

  • All electrical parameters 100% tested

  • Custom electrical selections available

  • Highly reliable
  • avalanche energy rate
  • Its used in switching circuits
Part number TLP521-4GB
Type IC
Package 16 DIP
No of pins 16
Power dissipation 200mW
Forward current 50mA
Reverse Voltage 6V
Country of Origin China

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