TLP504A Phototransistor

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TLP521-4GB is an integrated circuit which is known as phototransistor .The phototransistor is a semiconductor device that is able to sense light levels and alter the current flowing between emitter and collector according to the level of light it receives. Phototransistors and photodiodes can both be used for sensing light, but  phototransistor is more sensitive in view of the gain provided by the fact that it is a bipolar transistor. This makes phototransistors more suitable in a number of applications.

This IC has 8 pins and its package is 8Pin DIP.  It has two isolated channel for the power controlling. It contains 2 Optocoupler in it 

Pin details: Pin1,4 is for anode, Pin2,3 is for cathode, Pin5,8 is for emitter, Pin6,7 is for collector.


  • Its a programmable controller
  • It has 8 Pins
  • Its package is plastic DIP
  • Highly reliable
  • avalanche energy rated
Part number TLP504A 
Type IC
Package 8DIP
Collector emitter Voltage 55V
Current transfer ratio 50%
Isolation Voltage 50Vrms
Country of Origin China

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