TOSHIBA TLP281-4 Four Channel Optocoupler IC

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TLP281 and TLP281-4 are very small and thin couplers suitable for surface mount assembly in applications such as PCMCIA Fax modems and programmable controllers.
TLP281 and TLP281-4 consist of phototransistors optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode.

Model TLP281-4
Collector-Emitter Voltage  80 V (min)
Isolation Voltage  2500 Vrms (min)
Forward Current 50mA
Reverse Voltage 5V
Diode power dissipation 70mW
Forward Current Derating  -0.5 (Ta≥25°C) mA/°C
Pulse Forward Current (100 μs pulse, 100 pps) 1A
Diode power dissipation derating -0.7 (Ta≥25°C) mA/°C
Package SMD
 Junction temperature  125°C
Country of Origin China

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