Three Wheel DIY Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit

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This Three Wheel DIY Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit is the perfect mechanical platform for your robotics projects. All of the hardware and mechanical components needed to make your robot are included in this kit, including motors, wheels, chassis, nuts & bolts, and more. Simply connect your electronics (Arduino/Raspberry Pi and Motor Driver) and begin programming your robot. It has a big surface area with predrilled holes for installing sensors and electronics according to your needs. This robot chassis allows you to quickly prepare your mechanical platform. Instead of making your own chassis, you can focus your time and effort on programming your robot.

Wheeled Robots are the most common robots because they are simple to create, maintain, and operate. This kit is the simplest robot platform to construct and programme. Beginners and even experts can use this kit. This Two Wheel DIY Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit is less expensive, and it's easy to assemble, maintain, and programme. In comparison to the 3 wheeled Kit, our 4 wheeled Kit allows you to drive fast, carry more weight, and carry a larger load. This kit can be used to make line-following robots, obstacle-avoidance robots, maze solvers, Bluetooth controlled robots, fire fighting robot and other robots.

For better performance, we have selected  good quality motor, wheel, and platform combination. Matching wheels and mounting hardware are included with each motor. Encoder discs are also included in the kit to track the robot's speed and distance travelled.

Wheel Diameter 68mm
Wheel Width 25mm
Castor Wheel Diameter 25.6mm
Castor Wheel Width 13mm
Battery Holder 4xAA
Battery Holder Size 61.8x57.2x14.6mm
BO Motor ( DC Plastic Gear Motor) Speed 150rpm
Chassis Size 210x150x2.6mm
Country of Origin China


Package includes:

  • 1 x Acrylic Car chassis.
  • 2 x BO Gear motor.
  • 2 x Wheel (Tyre)
  • 1 x Castor wheel.
  • 2 x Speed encoder.
  • 2 x Fastener.
  • 1 x Battery box(batteries not included).
  • All necessary screws and nuts
  • SPST ON/OFF Switch

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