Texas TLV70433 3.3V 150mA Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator

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The LDO regulator is a DC linear voltage regulator capable of regulating the output voltage even when the supply voltage is extremely close to the output value.
The current flowing from the GND terminal is known as quiescent current. The TLV70433 is a low-dropout regulator which is an ultralow quiescent current device designed for extremely power-sensitive applications. Over the whole load current and ambient temperature range, the quiescent current is nearly constant. This gadget is a great way to provide power management to low-power microcontrollers like the MSP430. The TLV70433 has a wide operating input voltage range of 2.5 to 24 volts. As a result, the device is a great fit for both battery-powered systems and industrial applications that undergo large line transients.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.5 V to 24 V
  • Ground Pin Current: 3.4 μA
  • Stable With a Low-ESR, 1-µF Typical Output Capacitor


  • Ultralow Power Microcontrollers
  • E-Meters
  • Fire Alarms and Smoke Detector Systems
  • Handset Peripherals
  • Industrial and Automotive Applications the end of the data sheet.
  • Remote Controllers
  • Zigbee® Networks
  • Portable, Battery-Powered Equipment




Texas Instruments

Output Current

150 mA

Output Voltage

3.3 V

Quiescent Current

3.2 uA

Operating Voltage

1.2 – 5 V

Operating Temperature

-40 – 125 °C

Pd - Power Dissipation

470 mW

Operating Supply Current

3.4 uA



Country of Origin China

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