Texas Instruments UCC3818 BiCMOS Power Factor Pregulator IC (16 Pin)

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The UCC3818 functions as an active power factor-corrected pre-regulator. The controller achieves a near-unity power factor by shaping the AC input line current waveform to correspond to that of the AC input line voltage. Average current mode control maintains stable, low distortion sinusoidal line current.
It is designed by Texas Instruments using the BiCMOS technology. The BiCMOS technology combines the strengths of two different process technologies into a single chip: Bipolar transistors offer high speed and gain, which are critical for high-frequency analog sections, whereas CMOS technology excels in constructing simple, low-power logic gates.

  • Controls Boost Preregulator to Near-Unity Power Factor
  • Limits Line Distortion, Over-Voltage Protection
  • Improved Noise Immunity
  • Low-Power BiCMOS Operation
  • PC Power Supply
  • Regular Consumer Electronics
  • Lighting solutions
  • Industrial Power Supplies
For more information, refer to UCC3818 Datasheet 
Model UCC3818
Brand Texas Instruments
Supply Voltage 18V
Supply Current 20mA
Gate Drive Current 1.2A
Power Dissipation 1W
Storage Temperature -65°C~150°C
Package SMD
Country of Origin China

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