Texas Instrument SN74LVC1G86DBVR Exclusive OR Gate SOT23-5 Package

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The SN74LVC1G86 component operates based on positive logic It serves as a single 2-input exclusive-OR gate and is intended for operation within the voltage range of 1.65 V to 5.5 V VCC. In its low-input state, the device simply replicates the other input at the output without any inversion. Conversely, when the input is set to a high state, the output reproduces the opposite (inverted) signal of the other input. Notably, this component is characterized by low power consumption, boasting a maximum tpd (propagation delay time) of 4 ns at 3.3 V with a capacitive load of 15 pF. It can provide a maximum output drive of ±32 mA at 4.5 V and ±24 mA at 3.3 V. For partial-power-down applications, this device is fully specified and features an Ioff mechanism. This Ioff circuitry deactivates the outputs, effectively preventing any harmful current backflow through the device when it is powered down.


  • It has 5 pin 
  • Its mounting style is SMD
  • Its brand is Texas
Supply Voltage 1.65V ~ 5.5V
Brand Texas Instruments
Type Logic IC
Current 32mA
No. of Pins 5
Package SOT-23-5
Mounting Type SMD
Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Part Number SN74LVC1G86DBVR

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