Taparia 814 Line Tester Screw Driver

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A tester screwdriver is a handheld tool that is used to determine whether electricity is flowing through circuitry. This type of tool may also be used to determine which wires in a system are hot, neutral, or grounded. Testers are used to measure the voltage between a line or conductor and earth or to check the phase relationship between two voltages. A Live Line Tester draws current from the source under test. This current flows through a resistive chain to earth via an earth lead.

Features :

  • Minimum 90 DC and 60 AC voltage and maximum up to 500 Volt AC
  • The blade finish with bright Nickel Chrome plating effectively protects blade against corrosion. 
  • The red LED indicator will glow brightly to indicate that circuit is complete and the fuse is intact. The LED glow may then begin to fade as the appliance absorbs energy.
  • Neon screwdrivers are fairly crude tools that combine the functions of a small terminal screwdriver with a mains voltage detector.
Specification : 
Type Line Tester screw driver 
Brand name 
Model No. 814
Size 125 mm
No. of Quantity  3
Country of Origin China

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