Taparia 813 130mm Line Tester Yellow Screw Driver

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Its Taparia 813 Line Tester Yellow Handle Screw Driver with Neon Bulb - 130mm Length.

Screwdriver, hand-operated tool for turning screws with slotted heads. Standard screwdrivers with flat blade tips and a variety of sizes are used for screws with one straight diametrical slot cut across the head. The handle is made of high-quality C.A. plastics that are non-flammable and resistant to oil, gasoline, grease, and water. The tip is precision ground to a 50-degree angle, ensuring a firm grip in the screw.


  • Fully insulated blade ensures shock proof working
  • Line Tester has high quality blade and cellulose acetate plastic Handle
  • Distinct glow of Neon lamp identifies line live. Features a clip for safe carrying in pocket.
  • compact in length
  • Ergonomic Design and High In Quality.
Brand Taparia
Model No. Taparia-813
Product Type Screwdriver
Blade Length 17mm
Total Body Length 130mm
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