T75 Fast Recovery High Voltage Diode

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T75 is a fast recovery high voltage diode. It is an active component with two terminals: anode and cathode. A diode is a device that allows current flow through only one direction. That is the current should always flow from the anode to the cathode. That is high voltage silicon rectifier diodes are made of high-quality glass passivated chips.


  • High frequency
  • High voltage 
  • The high voltage multiplier circuit
  • Electrostatic generator circuit
  • General purpose high voltage rectifier
 Model T75
 Mounting Type Through Hole
 Component Type Active
 Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (VRRM) 16KV
 Average Output Current (IF) 5mA
 Junction Temperature (TJ) -40~125°C
 Max Forward Voltage Drop (VF) 60V
 Junction capacitance (CJ) @ 25°C; VR=0V; f=1MHz 1.0pF
Country of Origin China

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