Sweideer AD136-22VMS Square Voltmeter Signal Lamp (Red)

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Mini Square Voltmeter AC, Digital Display Voltmeter Indicator, Red Digital Panel Light. Suitable for signal indication warning signal accident signal and other indication signals in the lines of electric power telecommunication machine tool ship textile printing mining machinery and other equipment.  It detects the voltage between 20 volts and 500 volts. The meter can only be used to measure 50-60Hz AC city power; if it is used to measure square wave, inverter output, or corrected sine wave, it will be damaged.

Low energy consumption, small volume and lightweight. it is the new generation product instead of XD Model incandescent lamps and neon indicating lamps. its lampshade is made of high strength polycarbonate and with fine anti-impact capability. It is of inner screw Model Connection, which makes the terminal more convenient and safer. This series of indicator lights are used as indicating, accidental signals and other areas of electric power, telecommunication, machinery, marine, textile, printing, mining etc.


  • LED highlight digital display
  • Energy saving
  • Low power consumption, durable
  • Real-time digital display of voltage, accurate reading


Output Voltage 22-500V AC
Measuring Range 20-500V
Indicator Colour Red
Luminance 100cd/m2
Rated Current ≤20mA
L*B*H 28.8mm*28.8mm*46.7mm
Country of Origin China

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