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SW20N65C  is a power MOSFET it has  designed by using the advanced power MOSFET designing technology. Its basically designed has to used in power supply switching circuits, As its name is showing that this MOSFET will manage the power or control the power. Power MOSFET is a type of metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor used to switch large amounts of current. Power MOSFETs are the most commonly used power devices due to their low gate drive power, fast switching speed and superior paralleling capability.


  • High ruggedness
  • Improved dv/dT 
  • 100% avalanche energy rated
  • It has fast recovery time
  • It has fast switching speed
Part No SW20N65C 
Type Power MOSFET
Package TO-3P
Reverse voltage 650V
Forward current 20A
RDS 0.19Ohm
Operating Junction and storage temperature -55 to 150 Degree centigrade
Pulsed source current 80A
Country of Origin China

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