SW-520D Vibration Sensor Tilt Switch (Black)

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This SW-520D Vibration Sensor Metal Ball Tilt Switch is sealed in shrink tubing. Two conductive elements are located on one end of the sensor (poles). When the sensor is oriented, so the leads are facing down, the mass rolls onto the poles and shorts them, acting as a throw switch. Roller ball tilt switches can detect motion or orientation without being as precise or flexible as a full accelerometer. Accelerometers, on the other hand, produce digital or analogue voltage, which must be analysed with additional circuitry. It contains a metallic ball inside that will commute the two pins of the device from CLOSED to OPEN if the sensor exceeds a certain angle and vice versa. Only when the tilt sensor is in its upright position are metallic balls inside the tilt sensor bridge the two contacts, completing the circuit. When the sensor is tilted beyond the sensitivity range, the contacts move away and thus open the circuit.


  • Detect orientation or inclination
  • Small and inexpensive
  • Low-power and easy-to-use
  • If used properly, they will not wear out.
  • Sensitivity range: > +-15 degrees
  • Lifetime: 50,000+ cycles (switches)
  • Max Current: 30mA 


  • Diameter: 5.3mm
  • Height: 13.2mm (excluding leads)
Product SW-520D
Type  Vibration Sensor
Max Voltage 20V
Max Current 30mA
Contact Rating 12V
Colour Black
Diameter 5.3mm
Height 13.2mm
Country of Origin China

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