Sunmax PES006/48-72/06A 67.2V/5A EV Charger for Lithium Battery

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Its Sunmax PES006/48-72/06A 67.2V/5A EV Charger for Lithium Battery. Its used in the charging of Lithium batteries which is used in E-Vehicles, This charger consist two cables, which is used for AC input and DC output. 6A/250V AC 3 Pin Plug is used to connect with AC power supply socket and 3 pin DC female socket is used for the Output. This EV charger consist a transformer which is step down AC to DC Transformer and the value is 67.2V/5A. It has two 3mm LED with holder Green and Red which is used to Show the Status of the Device.


  • It has a bridge rectifier which is connected to the Transformer for the conversion of AC supply in to DC.
  • Its input current is 2.0A Max
  • Its used for 30AH up to batteries.


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