STPS20H100CT 100V Schottky Diode

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STPS20H100CT  is a Schottky rectifier Its main goal is to provide rectification, or to make it easy for current to flow solely in one particular direction. They are used in this way to enable or block current in common DC circuits and to shape waves in AC circuits. Two center taps Schottky rectifier made for on-board DC-DC converters and other high frequency tiny switch mode power supplies. Its used as switching diode, DC-DC converters, adapter for notebooks and game stations, LED lighting and SMPS.


  • Its maximum operating voltage is 100V

  •  It provides less switching losses

  • Good trade off between leakage current and forward voltage drop

  • High junction temperature capability

  • Low leakage current

Model STPS20H100CT 
Type Schottky rectifier
Package TO-220AB
Maximum operating voltage 100V
Maximum temperature for soldering 300°C
Forward current 30A
Insulating voltage 2000A
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -55°C TO 175°C
Country of Origin China

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