Stmicroelectronics 78M09 Positive Voltage Regulator IC TO-252 Package

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The "78M09" and "7809" are both common designations for a positive voltage regulator IC that provides a fixed output voltage of 9 volts. These voltage regulators are part of the 78xx series of voltage regulators, which are widely used in electronic circuits to provide a stable and regulated voltage supply. These voltage regulators offer on-card regulation, addressing issues related to centralized regulation. They all feature built-in current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safety mechanisms, which greatly enhance their durability. With proper heat dissipation, they can provide an output current exceeding 0.5 amperes. While originally intended for fixed voltage applications, these components can be customized for variable voltage and current settings through the use of external components.


  • Its output current is 0.5A
  • Thermal overload protection 

  • Short circuit protection 

  • Output transition SOA protection 


Model 78M09
Brand STMicroelectronics
Type Voltage Regulator
Output Voltage 9V
Mounting Type SMD
Package TO-252

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