STEM 4 Set Solar Motor Kit, Electric Science Experiment Projects

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The STEM 4 Set Solar Motor Kit is an educational and interactive toy designed to engage children in hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning. This kit offers a variety of building projects that demonstrate the principles of solar energy, mechanics, and electronics. The STEM 4 Set Solar Motor Kit is a versatile and educational toy that provides children with a hands-on learning experience in STEM. By building different models, children gain practical knowledge of engineering, physics, and renewable energy. This kit is ideal for sparking curiosity and fostering a love for science an technology in young minds.


  • Wooden and Plastic Parts: Pre-cut pieces that can be assembled into various models.
  • Electric Motors: Includes different types of motors, such as solar-powered and battery-operated.
  • Solar Panels: Small solar panels to power some of the models.
  • Battery Holders and Batteries: Power sources for the electric components.
  • Wiring and Connectors: Essential for creating functional circuits.
  • Gears and Axles: Mechanical components needed to enable movement.
  • Instruction Manual: Step-by-step guides for assembling each model.

Models Included

The "4 Set" indicates that the kit can be used to build four different types of models. Typical models might include:

  1. Solar Car: A car powered by solar energy, teaching children about renewable energy.
  2. Electric Car: A vehicle powered by batteries, demonstrating basic electrical circuits.
  3. Wind-Powered Car: A model that can be powered by wind or manual force.
  4. Crawler/Tracked Vehicle: A vehicle with tracks or an alternate movement mechanism, showcasing different mechanical principles.

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