Stead 8 Ohm 8R 500W Single Tube Wire Wound Resistor

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Its Stead 8 Ohm 500W 100R Silicon Coated Fixed Wire Wound Resistor. It is a passive electrical device that controls the current flow. It is a hollow cylinder having two  lead connections at the sides of its terminal .The ceramic and the wire wound assembly over it are covered by silicone. This coating ensures that the rheostat is tolerant to temperature variations, moisture, and oil and is very well electrically insulated. The resistive element is an insulated metallic wire wound around a non-conductive substance core. The high-resistivity wire material typically comprises nickel-chromium (Nichrome), a copper-nickel-manganese alloy. Glass, plastic, and ceramic are typical core materials. Its value is 100 Ohm and its manufactured by Stead Electronics.


  • It's used in Circuit breaker fuses to make the fusible resistor
  • Battery-testing equipment.
  • X-ray equipment Flowmeters.
  • Power supplies Medical Equipment.
  • Transducers Instrumentation.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Machine tools.
Model 500W 8R
Material Type Silicone Coated
Type Clip End With Fitting
Tolerance 10%
Power 500W
Resistance 8 Ohm
Dimensions 358.2*76.2*116.9mm
No. of lead 2
Lead diameter 4.6mm

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