Stead 5A 500mA Shunt Resistor

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Shunt Resistors are electrical device that create a low-resistance path for current flow. As a result, the current can move to a different location in the circuit. Ammeter shunts and current shunt resistors are other names for shunts. With their low levels of resistance, shunt resistors are frequently utilised to measure high currents. The purpose of an electrical shunt is to provide a low-resistance path through which electricity can pass or be directed past a predetermined point in a circuit, Measuring higher currents with DQN moving-coil instruments.

Brand Stead 
Type Resistor 
Resistor Type Shunt Resistor
Voltage  500mV
Current  5A
Resistance 500mV/5A
Dimension 99x12.5x7mm
Spring Length 40mm
No of Screw 2

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