Stead 3 Ohm 400W Aluminum Housed Dynamic Braking Resistor

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This is 3 Ohm 400 Watt Aluminum Housed Dynamic Braking Resistor (DBR). A dynamic braking resistor is a resistor that is connected to the motor in parallel to quickly convert its kinetic energy into heat through the resistor. There are two screw terminal to connect the resistor with circuit. It's outer material is aluminum which is work as heat sink . Furthermore, they cool quickly. Dynamic braking resistors (DBR) are used in AC variable frequency drives (VFD) to dissipate power produced in the motor as the drive provides braking torque to stop the motor. Braking resistors are employed in applications where the motor speed exceeds the speed set by the variable frequency drive (VFD) or where quick deceleration is required. 

Dynamic Braking Resistors are used to reduce the speed of electric motors or to completely stop them. The braking process must be completed in a short period of time and with high efficiency. This product is resistant to moisture. Aluminum Housed Braking Resistors are used in lifts and cranes. 


  • High Power to Size Ratio
  • Aluminum heat sink housing
  • Designed specifically for DBR applications. It is also possible to remodel it for other purposes.
  • Excellent capacity for short-term overload
  • Design is small and sleek. It is simple to install in congested control panels
  • High power ratings can be achieved by multiplying individual resistors to form DBR banks
  • High Temperature Resisting Hard Anodizing Aluminum Housing.
  • Rigid Construction.


  • Hybrid and electric automobiles
  • Centrifuges and pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Mining and marine applications
  • Gas energy applications
Product Stead 3R 400W Aluminum DBR
Type Dynamic Braking Resistor
Brand Stead
Resistance 3 Ohm
Power 400W  
Material Aluminum
Inner material Ceramic
No. of screw terminal 2
Tolerance ±5%
Dimensions (mm)
Screw terminal diameter 4.6mm

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