Stead 100 Ohm 50W 100R Wire Wound Resistor

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50W 100 Ohm Wire Wound Resistor is a passive electrical device that controls the current flow. The resistive element is an insulated metallic wire wound around a non-conductive substance core. The high-resistivity wire material typically comprises nickel-chromium (Nichrome), a copper-nickel-manganese alloy. Glass, plastic, and ceramic are typical core materials.


  • It's used in Circuit breaker fuses to make the fusible resistor
  • Battery-testing equipment.
  • X-ray equipment Flowmeters.
  • Power supplies Medical Equipment.
  • Transducers Instrumentation.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Machine tools.
Model 50W 100R
100 Ohm
Type CT
Quantity 3
Tolerance 10% 
Power 50W
Dimensions 101mmx21mm
Lead Terminal Size   6mm *0.6mm
Country of Origin China

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