Retractable Spring Balancer For Electric Screwdriver

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A spring balancer is a device that is used to hang machinery and equipment (electric screwdriver). Because of the tapered drum, the tension remains constant even when the cable is dragged out or retrieved. As a result, spring balancers may hang tools in hollows and allow for variable tool placement. Workers will be able to enjoy more pleasant operations with reduced tiredness.

The equipment(electric screwdriver) is hung on the hook of the Spring balancer to make the work easy. A circular adjuster positioned behind the balancer might be used to modify the height of the item hanging through the balancer. The tension of the spring is increased by rotating the adjuster clockwise and decreased by rotating it anticlockwise.


  • Balancers increase worker efficiency and reduce tiredness.
  • Balancers help to keep a tool's position stable and support to correct work.
  • Balancers are offered to ensure that a tool is not damaged.
  • There is no need for any electric or pneumatic power, and safe operation is achieved.
Model CT-M602-B
Balance  0.6-2 KG
Cable Length 1.3mtr
Dimensions  145mm x 100mm x 36mm
Country of Origin China


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